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How To Add The # Dealer Info Modal To Auto Ads

Feature available in desktop and mobile versions

Quick tutorial on how easy it is to add the Dealer Info modal to dealer posted auto ads.

Adding the # Dealer Info modal is quite simple. Once a dealer adds their business to our business listing section, the "# Offered By Dealer" button is automatically generated from the info listed for the dealership. All that has to be done at this point is select "by dealer" when creating and posting new ads.
An exciting new exclusive feature at BMFO Local Classifieds.

BMFO helps by creating a direct link to your business with a "click to call" button and "directions" button from the address and phone you enter.

Click any image on this page to add it to the lightbox (enlarge) and then you can slide through all images in this series. BMFO.easy!

Step 1 - Login to BMFO.com

Step 1 - Login to BMFO.com

Log into your already existing account or create a new one in just seconds here »

Step 2 - Click the "Me" button

Step 2 - Click the "Me" button

The Me button is where you find the menus to customize personal or business home pages

Step 3 - Click "I Am A Business" button

Step 3 - Click "I Am A Business" button

Here you can also choose to become a verified member

Step 4 - Upload Cover Pic, Fill Out Info On Your Dealership

Step 4 - Upload Cover Pic, Fill Out Info On Your Business

Complete all info on this page about your dealership.

  • Cover Photo for Dealership
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Description of Business and services offered
  • Hours of operation

BMFO will automatically create a "click to call" button from the phone number you entered. A "directions" button will also generate from the address entered and provide directions to your dealership via Google Maps.

Thats it! Once you are done adding your dealership to the business list, your # Dealer Info modal will be automatically added to each auto ad you post whether its by individual post or bulk upload.

Congratulations! You've just automatically created a # Dealer Info modal for your dealership like the example below...

Modal - click here for live example

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