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Buy Local

Buy Local - Keep it in the Community

AT BMFO.com, we that believe keeping your consumer dollars and charitable donations within the community is a really good thing! Why? Nothing is more important than a thriving local economy and the well being of family, friends and neighbors. Keeping your cash, donations and trade within your own local community helps create jobs, helps your neighbors and helps the economy. Also, by recycling and selling goods you may no longer want or need, you may be able to help someone who wouldn't otherwise have access. Remember the old saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure!"

Whenever you are in the market for goods, food or services, always try to buy local first (we understand this won't always be the case) and when selling your items, always try within the community first. After all, that's why BMFO.com was founded, offering free and low cost advertising. You never know, one of your own neighbors may want or need what you are advertising...so remember - KEEP IT IN THE COMMUNITY

Your Friends, Team BMFO.com

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