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Frequently Asked Questions

A few tips and help on using our service

What is BMFO Local Clasiifieds?

BMFO Local Clasiifieds is a Classified Marketplace, advertising website and services directory all in one. At BMFO you can easily and quickly create a FREE Ad for almost everything. Simply Register to create a Member Account and you are ready to go! Once an account is created, you may immediately add as many Ads as you like.

Why cant I view Seller contact info?

You must Register on our site or login via Facebook to access any member contact information. BMFO Local Clasiifieds does not openly post any contact info on the web. Once an account is created, you can view phone numbers (if the Member added it to their posting) or contact the member via our online messaging system. BMFO Local Clasiifieds has a very strict privacy, spam, fraud policy and shield our members the best we can!

I've registered, now what?

Every time you login, you will be taken to Member Dashboard. From there you can create a new Ad, edit your Ads, upload photos, delete Ads, view messages or view/edit your profile and create your own BMFO Local Clasiifieds Home Page/Storefront.

How do I create a Home Page/Storefront?

Your Home Page/Storefront is automatically generated and live once you create your BMFO Local Clasiifieds account (at this time logins through social media sites do not get a storefront). Your new Home Page/Storefront address will be - http://bmfo.com/your username.php. From the "Member Dashboard" click on "View My Profile" then "Customize Home Page/Storefront." Here you can upload a masthead photo, a title of your page and a brief introduction. This is a first in Classified Advertising exclusively at BMFO Local Clasiifieds where we focus on YOU!

How do I start an Ad?

From the Member Dashboard click create new Ad. Select your State, the best category, then subcategory and submit. Fill out all information on the following page "Add New Item Step 2". For tips on writing your Ad visit our Selling Tips page. When you are finished and click submit your Ad is created and you will be taken to the "View Items" page. YOU ARE NOT DONE YET. There is a red "Activate Ad" box on the left of the Ad you just created. You MUST click "Activate Ad" to set your Ad to live. You will know your Ad is live when the box is green and says "Active - Deactivate".

How do I add photos to my Ad?

From the Member Dashboard click on "Ativate Ads / Add Photos / Edit Ads" box. From here, click on "Add / Edit Photos" that corresponds to the Ad you wish to add photos to. Start with "Photo 1" and upload your photos 1 at a time for best results.

How long does my Ad run?

Ads DO NOT expire at this time. Please update your Ad as needed.

How do I delete my Ad?

From the Member Dashboard click on "Activate Ads / Add Photos / Edit Ads" box. From here, click on "Delete Ad" that corresponds to the Ad you wish to delete. All data associated with that Ad is deleted from our servers and can not be recovered.

What does "Flag Ad" mean and what happens?

It can mean one of many things. Either the Ad violates our Terms of Use, is Spam or is inappropriate content. BMFO Local Clasiifieds takes all violations very seriously! When an Ad is flagged, we will investigate the all incidents and take the appropriate action.

Why do I have to be logged in to flag an Ad?

Being logged in prevents malicious conduct amongst members. If there is an Ad you feel needs our attention and you do not want to create an account or log in, simply include the Ad Id number in a message. You can message us via the contact form at the bottom of every page or via the email addresses listed on that page.

Good Luck from Team BMFO!

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