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Free Local Classifieds - What that means for you.

Free Local Classifieds

How BMFO Free Local Classifieds can help individuals and business


BMFO provides free local classifieds for businesses who want to drive more traffic to their location and their website and individuals who want to sell their goods online locally. We are the only site that provides all US cities, not just the majors and encourages you to post to not only your home city but the closest two neighboring cities. We want you to be successful in your endeavor and provide you with tools and features to help.

How we can help your business

Ultimately, every small business wants to be ahead of their competition. The same holds true for your businesses web presence. When customers do a search for your niche, are you showing up? BMFO ads can show up in local searches. With the proper wording and keyword usage within your ad, you can increase your online presence in a free and easy way. As always, if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

How we can help you sell household items

Comprehensive ads with just the right details and relevant features are two of the things we pride ourselves on. Here is a list of features available to all users who register with us:

  1. Desktop and mobile friendly
  2. Easy register or social login
  3. Post your ad to 3 cities, not only one
  4. Include 8 photos
  5. Include a YouTube or Vimeo video
  6. See how many visits to your page
  7. Privacy features, only registered users have access to contact info
  8. Easily share to social networks
  9. NO 3rd party ads option, we focus on YOU
  10. Free customizable personal / business page, populates with all your ads
  11. Post ads immediately, no approval required
  12. Our site is 100% secure, every page
  13. We do not share member info with anyone

You can feel confident that our site will represent your items in a friendly, safe environment.

How we can help you sell your car

Because we provide the ability to post to 3 cities, thats 3x the chance to sell your vehicle. Our vehicle ads are more detailed than every day item ads. Include your make, model, year and engine size to name a few. We also include a payment calculator for visitors to estimate what their commitment will be monthly. Include a YouTube video to show your vehicle in all its glory.

How we can help you sell your real estate

Again, posting to 3 cities is paramount to success. Our real estate ads are more detailed than every day item ads. Include your bedrooms, bathrooms, year built and square footage to name a few. We also include a payment calculator for visitors to estimate what their monthly commitment will be. Include a YouTube video to show your home in all its beauty.

What free local classifieds mean for you

In summary, free local classifieds in newspapers are where it all began but now, ads have evolved in the 21st century. Even in the past 10 years, online classifieds have improved from static and uninteresting to dynamic and feature rich. BMFO will represent your items in the best possible way and if you ever need help we are always here for you.

Where We Focus On You

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