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Selling Tips

Classified Ad Selling Tips

  • Write a Descriptive, Captivating, Short Title
  • Write a Winning Ad Body
  • Taking / Adding Photos
  • Research Your Pricing
  • Share Your Ad

Write a Descriptive, Captivating, Short Title

When writing your title, keep it short and descriptive as possible. The title should always include what item you are selling. Captivate the viewer with buzz words that will intrigue and draw them to click on your link. Always include any make and model numbers when possible, this helps bring your item up when someone is conducting an internet search for a specific item.

Write a Winning Ad Body

Here, the exact opposite is true of writing the title. To write a winning Ad Body you will need to include the benefits and features of your item. Include color, condition, age, history, size, and any other information a prospective buyer would want to know. The more detailed the better. It is a good idea to copy and paste your TITLE and make it the first line in your Ad Body. This doubles up what your item is, and again will help you gain more exposure with potential customers whom are conducting internet searches, thus giving you even more exposure.

Taking / Adding Photos

Photos are worth a thousand words when marketing your item. Take clear pictures with your item as the centerpiece; keep any other items in your picture to a minimum. Only use a minimum amount of props in your picture to compliment your item for sale, making it more desirable and a must have. Take time to set your picture up correctly. Using a solid or basic background will give you the best results. Treat your picture as a work of art, have fun with it. The better your pictures, the better your chances are of selling your item in a timely manner.

Research Your Pricing

Research is the key to getting the most for your item. Research will help you get your item sold in a timely manner, as well as you getting a fair market value. Finding a fair market value can be done by checking the pricing of items that are comparable to yours. Prices fluctuate based on age, condition, etc... Remember, If your item is priced too high, odds are it won't sell. On the same note, make sure you are not selling your item for less than its current value; otherwise you will be cheating yourself. Researching your item for fair market value is imperative if you want to succeed.

Share Your Ad

Once you have completed your Ad and it's ready to go, SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE again. Ask your friends to share it as well. Make sure to share your Ad on as many social networks and groups as possible. The higher the visibility, the more shares, and the quicker you will sell your item. By sharing you gain exposure, which puts your item in front of more prospective buyers. The importance of sharing can not be emphasized enough. Without exposure, others will not see what you have for sale. We want you to succeed. Be proud of your item and your creation / Ad. The internet is the world at your fingertips and YOU control whether others will see your item, or not. The more you share your Ad, the more people will see it, the more likely you are to sell your item. We have conveniently provided "share" links for you right on your Ad.

Good Luck from Team BMFO!

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