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Free Local Classifieds - What that means for you.

Sites Like Craigslist

There are many sites like Craigslist, which do you choose?

Today there are many websites where an individual can sell household items, cars, boats, pets, homes or just about anything. Many sites try and mimic Craigslist by creating a "list" type site where you first choose your state, then city and then the category you wish. Some websites do it by a simple menu and produce results quicker. Some websites use geo location and produce results based on your location immediately. Social media even joined in by allowing users to create selling groups. The reality is that no one method or design is better than the other. The truth is the quantifier that a lot of people use, and rightfully so, is the shear number of visitors a site gets. However, there are a lot of sites worthy of a look and worth a try. Don't let big numbers be your only determining factor.

Should I run a single classifieds ad?

If you have an item you're serious about selling, posting your item for sale at a single source is not in your best interest. You have to remember that your audience is limited to where you post your item. For instance, if you post your item in a group on social media, which are mostly closed groups btw, you are limiting the exposure of your item to the groups members. Group membership can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Many websites provide social sharing buttons. This is the best possible way to obtain maximum exposure by posting your item on the web then sharing it to your group. That way your item shows up in web searches as well. It wouldn't be worth your time on a small item but something bigger would merit being posted to several sites like Craigslist. Sharing and placing multiple ads means you get maximum exposure, and maximum exposure sells things.

What are some features to look for?

The absolute biggest is privacy. Never ever post an ad to a site that publishes your email or phone number openly. What do we mean by openly? We mean open on the web where anyone can see it, get it and keep it just by visiting the site. A login should be required for anyone to gain access to your info. Any bot can scrape a site looking for emails and phone numbers and we hope this is obvious, for spam and sales calls. Some websites do a good job of trying to block these bots and some don't at all.

Of course the second biggest feature is pictures AND video. A pictures is worth a thousand words but a good video will kick its butt. You want to show your item at its best so make sure you can do pics and video.

Next is can you share it easily? The ability to share your ad right after you create it is the best possible scenario. This is a feature that surprisingly, a lot of sites like Craigslist don't have. Clicking a button to share is a lot easier then copy pasting a URL. wouldn't you agree?

Then ther is grouping. Does the site group ads from each user together? This way a visitor can see all the items you are selling and if they are not interested in the first item of yours they looked at, maybe they are in the second, or third.

Lastly, does the site show you how many visits your page had? This is important to see if your item is actually being viewed or not.

Selling online can be fun but please remember to be safe and exercise caution. As always, you only get out what you put in. That's why commercial advertisers are so successful. You are essentially your own advertising agency and the success of your item selling is up to you. Commercial advertisers put hundreds of ads in hundreds of different places to sell their product. Shouldn't you post in multiple places as well?

Best of luck!

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